Customer pre-purchase FAQ

I want 360 product images, but I have some questions first.

We get it. It seems like there’s a lot involved with interactive 360 product images at first. That’s why we have made a commitment to giving all of our customers world class support. Browse some of the questions new customers often ask us below.


What does Imajize do, exactly?

Imajize is the software that businesses use to spin their products online with an interactive 360 view. Imajize is similar to a B2B video hosting company like Wistia or Vimeo, but instead of hosting video Imajize hosts 360 views of products such as shoes, jewelry, electronics, and basically any product you can think of that is sold online.

The fastest 360 product viewer

What makes you different from other companies?

We stubbornly focused on the three golden rules that make a 360 view actually work. Fall short on any one of these three golden rules, and it will kill sales faster than you can say “What the **** happened to our conversion rates?!?“. So here are the three golden rules our 360 viewer is built upon:

  1. It must always load fast.
  2. It must always look sharp.
  3. And it must do this reliably on every device and screen size, worldwide. Always.

It’s deceptively difficult to do even just one of these well. It’s immensely difficult to do two of these well. To do all three requires a very real degree of obsession and insanity. It required our co-founders Michael and Jasper to develop everything from the ground-up. The result was an ultra reliable 360 product viewer that loads fast and looks sharp on any device, worldwide. In other words – it just works.

Learn more about the Imajize 360 viewer >>

Payments and contracts

How do payments work?

All major credit cards are acceptable. After you enter your credit card details, we will charge your card either monthly or annually–whichever you prefer–and send you an invoice to keep your accountant happy.

Am I locked into a messy contract?

No–not at all. We do everything on a drama-free, pay as you go basis.

How do I update my credit card?

Easy! Simply log in and click on “Account” (upper right-hand corner). From there, click on “Plans & Billing Details” and you’ll see a form for updating your card. If something seems wrong, you can contact us at We’ll be happy to help with a zippy reply.

What about VAT fees for European customers?

Imajize is based in California and is a non-EU provider with no VAT registration. This means VAT isn’t attached to any charges we make to your credit card. We recommend you account for VAT via a “reverse charge basis”.

Do I need multiple Imajize accounts if I have more than one website?

Good news: There is no limit to the number of websites you can embed your 360 view into.

I need to cancel my account, how can I do that?

Just like the countdown for a rocket launch, canceling your account takes about 20 seconds. Just go to Account > Plans > Cancel Account. If you decided that Imajize sucks, then please send your (constructive) feedback to our co-founder, Michael Allen at (all support emails get forwarded to him). You might be pleasantly surprised at what he can do to turn your day around.


Is there a storage or bandwidth limit?

No. You can upload as many 360 views as you like, and generate as much bandwidth as you need. If you are part of a very large company, then there is a chance you may encounter our “soft limit” for storage and/or bandwidth. Don’t worry–this soft limit is extremely difficult to reach; 99% of Imajize users never (ever) reach it. Learn more about heavy bandwidth and storage usage here.


What makes Imajize so fast and reliable?

Our service runs on Amazon’s CloudFront CDN. When someone views your 360 view on your website, our system will deliver the images from a server that is physically closest to their location. Doing this is just one of a few techniques we utilize to ensure your 360 view loads fast from every geographic location on Planet Earth.

Because Imajize automatically processes your images into many different sizes, your 360 viewer will instantly adapt to any kind of device no matter the screen size or resolution. In other words, it works like magic. If this fascinates you as much as it fascinates us, then you can read more about it here.


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