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The SpinShot turntable is designed for versatility, allowing you to shoot a wide array of product sizes. Mount it upside-down or place it on a table. With our precision-control software and ever-expanding lineup of mountable accessories, you can shoot nearly anything... fast.

Automation for still, 360, and 3D product photography

Shoot nearly anything

The SpinShot turntable is designed for versatility, allowing you to shoot a wide array of product sizes. Mount it upside-down or place it on a table. With our ever-expanding lineup of mountable accessories, you can shoot nearly anything.

Rise it

Hang it

Hold it

Precision-control software

Control every aspect of the SpinShot Turntable with the included SpinShot Turntable Software. Both Mac and Windows compatible, the SpinShot Turntable software is packed with pro features that let you fine-tune the smallest of details; from rotation direction to acceleration curves and shutter lag calibration. Yet, its clean design is intuitively simple so any beginner can start making 360 views right away.

Mac and Windows compatible

Our SpinShot Control software is compatible with both Mac and Windows and can adjust the number of shots from two to 360 photos. Customize acceleration and deceleration curves or set your turntable’s maximum speed. Everything fully adjustable with a user interface that is elegant, intuitive, and fun!

Universal camera compatibility

The SpinShot turntable is compatible with every single DSLR and mirrorless camera on the market. Keep what you already have or buy the latest camera model with the peace of mind that it already works with your SpinShot turnable.

What sets the SpinShot turntable apart from the competition?

Bottom-line performance

Reduce cost per image

We prefer transparency to bold, unsubstantiated ROI claims. Our team can estimate a cost per image reduction based on our turntable integrated with your computer, editing, camera, and lighting configuration.

Increase production efficiency

To maximize production efficiency, you need full control of your technology stack. This is why your existing and future equipment will always work with a SpinShot Turntable. Best of all, we are here to help if you ever have questions about choosing the right hardware or software.

Built for high-volume studios

Whether you need to shoot, edit, and upload imagery of two or 2,000 products per day, the SpinShot Turntable is here to scale. Engineered in Germany and hand-made in California, we will meet the needs of the most demanding e-commerce photography studio environments.

Compatibility, reliability

Blazing fast 360 capture

Fast enough for you? When set to maximum speed and acceleration, SpinShot’s software can capture 360 images in 172 seconds. That’s a fraction of a second per image!

Spin. Pause. Shoot.

Set your SpinShot Turntable to interval mode for ultra-precise capture angles. Precision is where your SpinShot Turntable stands out.

Fully adjustable frame capture

The number of frames you can capture for your 360 is adjustable to suit your specific needs.

Adjustable acceleration curves

Control the speed that the SpinShot Turntable rotates and shoot products that aren’t stationary with the ultimate in clarity and control.

Simplified camera tethering and editing

With the SpinShot Turntable, you’re free to use any tethering and editing software. And if you’re starting out, you’ve come to the right place! Our customer support is always on hand to solve any problem, even if you have questions about choosing the right equipment or software.

Single point of support

At SpinShot, you get to have one singular point of contact for all of your technical support needs. From our automated 360 photography turntables to the turntable control software to our 360 viewer for publishing 360 product views online–we’ve got you covered.

90 Second Demo

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Additional information

Weight 15.25 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 4 in

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