360 viewer pricing

One plan. Zero complexity. Unlimited success.

Just $75/month billed annually,

or $100/month billed monthly.

Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Users

Unlimited Bandwidth   Unlimited Domains   Unlimited Storage   Unlimited Users  

Two simple $25/month discount options

Yes, these offers can be combined!

1. Refer a friend

When you refer a friend to Imajize, you’ll each receive a credit of $25 per month for as long as they remain a paying customer. Learn more →

2. Enable Imajize branding

Let us display “Powered by Imajize” within your 360 viewer and each month we’ll apply a $25 credit to your Imajize account.


Is there a storage limit?

No. You are free to upload as many 360 views as you please without an overage charge.

Which features are included?

Because we offer only one plan, you get every single feature. Our features page lists all of the core features. Check out our pre-customer FAQ page for a nice breakdown of everything you probably need to know.

How do I create 360 view product images?

Check out our 360 product photography learning guides. You can learn how to publish 3D images using CAD or 3D animation software here. If you want to find a pro to shoot a 360 view of your product, check out our 360 product photography partners page. If you have a question, feel free to contact us.

Are there bandwidth limits?

No. You can generate as much bandwidth as you need and your 360 views will continue working without skipping a beat.

What is a “hit”?

We measure bandwidth by “hits”. A hit is when someone views your 360 view on a webpage.

Is it really unlimited bandwidth and storage?

Yes. If you already know that you are going to put Imajize out of business with the vast amount of storage or bandwidth you expect to generate, then let’s get in touch. 99% of Imajize customers never come close to this point, however we do provide convenient options for our customers with exceptionally heavy bandwidth and storage requirements.

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