Shooting a scooter on a Photorobot turntable

Imajize Customer Examples

Shooting a scooter on a Photorobot turntable


COMPANY Eley Hose Reels

360 TURNTABLE Custom-built DIY

LIGHTS SP Studio Systems Excalibur 6400




LENS Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

EDITING Lightroom

Pro tip:

“We begin our 360 process by centering our homemade white table with a white backdrop. This table is equipped with a laser and 360 protractor at the base to help guide and give precise 10 degree angles during the full 360 spin process. Next, we center our product on the table as well as center our camera in front of it, which is attached and leveled with a tripod. Our last step is to set up the two photography lights on each side of the table. One is set up with an umbrella reflector, while the other one has a soft box around it. This ensures that every photo comes out crisp, clean and with a white background, highlighting all the features on the product to our liking.

Some tips would be to have your lights set before beginning the 360 photography process, as changing/moving the lights during the shoot may cause inconsistent lighting effects on the 360 spin.”

-Casey Eley, Art Director