In January of 2018 we made some significant changes to our pricing structure. We decreased the price of our enterprise account and eliminated our entry-level account. Now everyone gets a fully-loaded enterprise account! To help offset the costs for some of our cost-conscious clients we have developed discount programs.

Imajize branding discount

Adding branding to your spins is the easiest way to get a $25 discount every month. Simply turn on the tiny “powered by Imajize” link in your spins and you discount will be applied each full month that branding has been enabled. To enable branding now, log into your account and click “Discounts” in the top right navigation area.

Here is an example of a 360 with branding enabled.

Referral discounts

Not only does Imajize reward our most loyal customer for referrals, but we also give a discount to the person being referred! Refer your friend to Imajize and you will each receive a $25/month credit for as long as your friend remains a paying customer. Please check out our Referral program FAQs to learn more about this rewarding program. To access your personal referral link log in to and then go to the referral program and discounts page.

Pay annually and save more

Pay for a full year in advance and save even more. Our annual payment discount eliminates a whopping 25% from your total cost. For annual subscribers any additional monthly discounts will be accrued over time and will be applied during the next pay period. For example if you pay one year in advance, refer one customer, and enable branding for the full year then you could get a $600 discount during the next billing cycle. We designed these programs to help small businesses grow. Maybe that’s why over 90% of our customers are repeat customers.

Show better. Sell more.

Turn ordinary websites into addictive shopping experiences. Imajize lets your online shoppers see, touch, play, interact, zoom and understand your product via 360 images.

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Getting started is easy

If you can copy & paste then you’ll love using Imajize! Create a free account with our one step signup process. Between our library of support materials and relentless customer support you will be a 360 spin ninja in no time.

Step 1 of 1: Create Free Account
Create 360 Images

Here is what you get

  • One simple account gives you all features, full support, and massive bandwidth.
  • Ultra-fast Amazon CloudFront hosting.
  • Fully hosted mobile-compatible 360 viewer.
  • Full Screen Mode in HD: Nobody beats our image sharpness & loading speed in Full Screen Mode.
  • Your very own Imajize developer to help you get started.
  • SSL embed link encryption.
  • Mass image processing: We scale, compress, and store over a dozen versions of every image.
  • Full 360 viewer customization.
  • Whitelisted domain restrictions for security.
  • Platform branding w/your logo.
  • Unlimited domains.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Hi-res Zoom: Show your product’s detail at resolutions over 5,000 pixels.
  • New overage protection! This keeps overage costs under control for heavy usage.