The Imajize story

Jasper Michalczik, Co-founder & CTO

Michael Allen, Co-founder & CEO


Michael is studying abroad in New Zealand. There, he meets Jasper. Cross-country road trips and backpacking adventures ensue. A friendship is born.

Meanwhile, facebook goes viral and Steve Jobs announces the very first iPhone.


Jasper returns to Berlin, to continue work as a developer. Michael returns to San Luis Obispo, California to work for Tennis Warehouse, specializing in photographing 360º views of their products.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates steps down as CEO of Microsoft.


Michael leaves Tennis Warehouse to start 360 Imaging Solutions – a 360 degree product photography studio. Jasper and his girlfriend, Nele, visit Michael in California to briefly escape the cold Berlin winter.

Meanwhile, the passing of Michael Jackson brings several websites down from the unprecedented volume of web traffic.


Jasper helps Michael develop a mobile-friendly version of his 360º viewer using JavaScript and HTML 5, instead of Flash.

Meanwhile, Steve Jobs announces the iPad. He also announces Flash will not work on it.


Michael asks Jasper to build a platform for uploading, hosting and sharing 360º views with his clients. Jasper builds it. Michael’s clients love it. Imajize is born as a private beta.

Meanwhile, Google buys Motorola Mobility and nobody is quite sure why.

2012 is launched. Like many bootstrapped startups in California, nobody notices. Michael and Jasper work on developing the platform and growing its customer base the old fashioned way via word of mouth, email newsletters and driving through the neighborhood with a megaphone.

Meanwhile, Kickstarter goes viral despite being around since 2009.


Jasper and Michael travel Europe to meet with companies that make 360º photography equipment. The goal: find an awesome turntable and work towards introducing it to the US market.

Meanwhile, Edward Snowden pisses off the U.S. Government.


Imajize does its first trade show at Photokina in Cologne, Germany. Plans get finalized to start a hardware division for Imajize, selling 360º photography turntables and accessories.

Meanwhile, Steve Balmer steps down from CEO of Microsoft.


The hardware division of Imajize launches! We release Spin Ninja, our flagship 360º product photography turntable, designed in Germany and made in California.

Meanwhile, Tim Cook announces Apple’s second attempt at making a watch.


Imajize moves out of the cramped two-car garage it was founded in, and moves in to a real office! Somehow Imajize sales magically double from 2015 and is able to make the rent payments.

Meanwhile, Britain dumps the EU and a man with a very busy Twitter account becomes the 45th President of the United States of America.


Imajize doubles again. To keep up, the Imajize team grows and Imajize gets a fresh new logo and website redesign. Growing is fun!

Meanwhile, Bitcoin grows exponentially, making a lot of people wish they jumped on the Bitcoin wagon long, long ago.