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Imajize is Your 360 Image Viewer for WordPress & WooCommerce

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Transform your WordPress and WooCommerce website into captivating shopping experiences. Imajize’s customizable 360 product viewer empowers your shoppers to explore your products deeply. Show better. Sell more.

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Simple Woocommerce integration

Simple WordPress installation. No Coding Skills Required!

Copy and paste for seamless integration with WordPress and WooCommerce. Imajize offers a free WordPress and Woocommerce integration plugin, saving you time and money. Imajize delivers a reliable and consistent shopping experience.

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Mobile-Friendly Excellence

The Imajize 360 viewer dynamically matches the screen resolution of legacy and modern smartphones and tablets. Load only what is needed. Imajize delivers high-resolution zoom capabilities and zero maintenance, keeping you ahead in modern 360 viewer technologies.

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Display a 360 image as the main product image in Woocommerce.

Your Woocommerce product 360s will load up to 4X faster. Imajize ensures lightning-fast loading speeds with a powerful worldwide CDN. Leverage Amazon CloudFront, dynamic on-the-fly image resizing, and proprietary progressive frame loading technology for the smoothest user experience. Simple integration, enterprise-level performance.

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“Michael and his team deliver an awesome product and excellent service when you need it. We work in the same office building as these guys and their setup is very high-tech and very professional. They made 360 degree shots of our electric bikes for my company, and have been really helpful with implementation on our website.”

Tavin Boynton – BoltAbout

Beautiful, Reliable, and Fast!

Reliability is not optional. Imajize’s 360 Viewer, trusted by WordPress and WooCommerce users since 2012, obsesses over every detail. Discover what sets our viewer apart from the rest.

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