Imajize 360 viewer features

Customize like a pro.

With endless customization, advanced features, and world class support, Imajize is your over-achieving 360 viewer.

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For the best experience use the Imajize editor on a laptop or tablet screen.

high resolution product image zooming

Sharp zooming

Let your customers zoom in and experience your products with fantastic detail! Imajize lets you fine-tune zoom levels too, this way you can show as much (or as little) detail as you need.

Mobile responsive 360 product view

Mobile-friendly & resolution responsive

Both mobile-friendly and resolution responsive, our HTML5 360 viewer “just works” by automagically resizing all your 360 degree product images for all screen sizes. This makes our 360 viewer integrate especially well within fully responsive website frameworks.

Full screen 360 product viewer

Your full screen 360 viewer

Woo your customers with an awesome full screen experience of your 360 view that looks sharp and loads fast. Online shoppers love big, high resolution 360 views, and full screen mode gives them just that.

360 product image hosting

Rock-solid hosting

Imajize serves more than one quarter of a billion image requests each month without blinking. At this speed, Imajize will serve roughly 550 images in the time it takes to read this sentence. All of your images are hosted with Amazon CloudFront, one of the most powerful and reliable content delivery networks on the planet.

360 product view ecommerce integration

Delightfully simple to integrate

With lightweight embed code snippets, our fully hosted 360 viewer integrates like a charm into your website. Just copy and paste–that’s it! Should you ever need help, we provide free and unlimited integration support, step-by-step video tutorials and world-class help docs.Learn more about integrations.

Online 360 viewer for 3D models

Publish 3D CAD visualizations online

Imajize makes it easy to convert 3D objects into web-friendly 360 degree product views. No Flash or browser plug-in required. Cheaper and faster than traditional photography, CAD-based images open the door to creative 360 degree product animations. Learn more about publishing 360 views from your 3D modeling software.

Additional 360 viewer features

  • Powerful features for the biggest jobs

    Imajize is not just an advanced 360 viewer; Imajize is a 100% integrated platform that does the heavy lifting for you.

  • Add unlimited users

    Invite your entire team, department or company with no per seat fees. We eliminate this unnecessary friction to make collaboration fast and efficient.

  • Security features that go beyond https

    We’ll keep your valuable 360 views safe and secure by letting you choose which domains they work on. Enable Domain restrictions to maintain your competitive advantage.

  • Adapts to 40+ languages

    Your 360 product viewer’s instruction message is translated into over 40 languages. With Auto Language Detect turned on, Imajize automagically detects which language your customer speaks and adjusts the instruction message to their native language within 1/100th of a second.

  • PNG transparency

    Imajize preserves PNG transparency. It can also accept JPEG, TIFF and RAW images.

  • Spin in every direction

    Most 360 views spin horizontally, but with Imajize you can spin a product both horizontally and vertically.

  • Include video and lifestyle photos

    Seamlessly integrate your YouTube videos and lifestyle shots inside any 360 view! Imajize gives you the power to convert your 360 viewer into a tightly packaged multi-media hub. Example

  • Stay organized

    Keep your 360 views neatly organized with separate project folders. Sort your product by name, brand or SKU number.

  • Upload and forget

    Imajize will automatically resize your images for every possible screen resolution. That’s thousands of images you never need to think about. Because Imajize automatically matches the image resolution to your customers’ screen size, your 360 views will naturally look sharper and load faster no matter how big or small the screen size. Magic!

  • Inertial spinning

    Want your 360 view to spin snappy and fast? Or do you need it to gracefully coast to a stop like a freight train? Whatever it is, Imajize lets you fine-tune inertial spinning until your product spins just right.

  • Your 100% maintenance-free 360 viewer

    Imajize is great when you’re in need of an advanced 360 viewer that is fast to set up, scales well with growth, updates automatically and requires no ongoing maintenance. A fully managed platform like Imajize saves time, and frees businesses from the silent cost of ongoing maintenance, setup, development, bug tests, browser compatibility updates and CDN optimization. Just like a hosted video player (YouTube, vimeo, Wistia, etc.), Imajize is your hosted 360 viewer that “just works.”

  • Developer-friendly API

    From automating image uploads to dynamically populating product listings, our robust API gives the tools you need to setup automated workflows and unlock powerful easter egg features that your developer will be delighted to discover. Explore our API.

  • High-resolution ready

    Why prepare for 4K displays when you can get ready for 16K! Upload whatever resolution you please; Imajize will store your images and have them ready for whatever screen resolution the future holds.