The process of creating 360 degree product images can take time to master. The good news is that you can learn how to create image zoom effects quickly and display those images on your ecommerce website immediately.

How to create an image zoom effect with Imajize

Before you login to Imajize take the following steps to ensure your product image is ready to be uploaded.

  • First start with the highest resolution image possible. Don’t scale your image down to fit your specific website. Imajize will do that for you.
  • Make sure the outer edges of your background are a solid color. Use Photoshop or the tool of your choice to cleanup any color inconsistencies.
  • Crop the image to remove large areas of empty space. Leave approximately 10% margins between the product and outer edge of the image canvas on all sides.
  • Save your file at 100% resolution. Imajize will take care of resizing and compression.
Create image for image zoom effect

Upload and customize your image zoom effect

Now that your source image is ready. Login to and upload you first image.

  • In the top menu click “Projects”
  • Click “+ New Project” in the top right corner.
  • Give your project a name like “Zoomable Images”
Create image zoom project
  • Click “Enter” to save the name and then click on the name you just created to open your new project.
  • Click “Upload”
  • On the upload screen the “product Name” field is the only required field. Enter a product name such as “Image Zoom Test”
Upload image zoom effect
  • Since this is not a 360 image, you will upload your image using the “Still images” dialog. You can either drag your image file over the gray area or click “Choose Files” and browse for your image.
  • Click “Create 360 View”

Now your zoom effect has been created and you could embed it on your website. But why not fine tune it to fit your style.

  • Click the name of the product you just created.
  • Maximize your browser size and then click “customize” in the top right corner. You will see the options panel open up on the left side.
  • Experiment with the settings until you have everything just right.
  • Click Save & Close
Customize image zoom

That’s it. Now you are ready to embed the image zoom effect on your website. Click “Embed” and copy the code found there. For help with publishing your interactive product images visit our integration support docs or contact us with a specific question.

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