Welcome back!  Alright, in lesson 1 we learned how to make an action in Photoshop, what it does, and we also learned how to make one. Now we’re going to make a real action for editing our 360 product images. Let’s take a quick look at what what we’re going to do with Photoshop batch editing…

Batch editing 360 view images

  1. Make a folder on our desktop.  This is where the batch edited images will be saved.
  2. Open up an image and layer 3 different images on top of it.  This will help us with adjusting the crop.
  3. Create a new action that will crop, sharpen, and save.
  4. Open up all of the images to perform a Photoshop batch edit.  That’s about it!

Let’s get started with Photoshop batch editing…

Create a new folder on your desktop.  Call it: “360 Save for web”

Open up your #1 image.

Tip: it’s generally best to have the #1 image face towards the camera

Front facing image of shoe

Select: File > Place (I use “Place” often, so I added a shortcut key: Shift+⌘+P)

Select an angle that’s at 90 degrees.  Click “Place”.

It should look like this.  Now press enter/return (be careful not to press the arrow keys).

90 degree image of shoe after 'place'

Again, select: File > Place

Select an angle that’s at 180 degrees.  Click “Place”.

180 degree shoe image

Should look like this. Press enter/return.

180 degree shoe image

Okay, one more time: File > Place

Select an angle that’s at 270 degrees. Click “Place”.

270 degree image of shoe

Press enter/return.

270 degree image of shoe

Open your Layers palette: Window > Layers

Open layers palette under 'Windows'

Select the top layer and adjust the opacity to 30%.

Select the next layer down and adjust the opacity to 30%.

Again, select the next layer down and adjust the opacity to 30%.

Select: View > Full Screen Mode With Menu Bar. (Shortcut: press “F” on your keyboard)

Now we are ready for Photoshop batch editing

Select: Window > Actions. This will display the Actions palette.

Create a new action.

Create new Action 

Call the action: “Basic 360 edit”
Now the action will start recording everything you do (but don’t feel nervous).

Now set the crop to 2560 x 1920 pixels (the new standard upload size for imajize.com)

Adjust the crop so you have a some extra room on each side. Press enter/return.

Now let’s sharpen.  Go to: Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen.

I suggest setting the “Amount” to 30%, and the “Radius” to 0.4 pixels.  Click OK.

Now let’s save. Go to: File > Save for Web & Devices…

File type: JPEG  –  Quality: 100  –  Progressive: Yep  –  Convert to sRGB: Yep

Click Save.

Select the new “360 Save for web” folder you created on your desktop.  Click Save (again).

***Click the “Stop playing/recording” button.***
If you don’t, then Photoshop will continue recording.  That’ll make things interesting…

Now close the image you have open in Photoshop.
(It’ll ask you if you want to save – don’t save)

Quit Photoshop.
This will save your action. Now it won’t mysteriously disappear if Photoshop crashes.

Ready to see batch editing in action?

Now open all of your unedited JPG images in Photoshop.

Select the new action we just made (basic 360 edit).

Select: File > Automate > Batch
(I use “Batch” very often, so I added a shortcut key: ⌘+B)

Make sure “Basic 360 edit” is selected.

Also, make sure “Opened Files” is selected.
This tells the action to only work on the images you have opened in Photoshop.

Hold your breath.  Click OK to witness the full power of Photoshop batch editing.

Tip: While the Photoshop batch editing action is working, press “tab” on your keyboard.  This will hide all of the palets, and it will speed up the Photoshop batch editing by about 100%.

Once the action is done, go to the folder on your desktop called “360 Save for web”.  Photoshop saved your images in there!!

From here, I upload my finished images to imajize.com which stores my images in the cloud and displays them in a kick-ass 360 viewer.  Below is an example:

Thanks, and have fun! Feel free to share your Photoshop batch editing techniques and editing tricks!

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