With Photoshop, it’s easy to convert the still images from your 360 view into a MP4 file. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to show your 360 view on Amazon, YouTube, or some other gigantic juggernaut website.

Update: Since this article was written Imajize has added MP4 and animated GIF export capabilities. Check out our support doc about this handy feature.

Step 1: Open Photoshop & Choose Your Image

  • Make sure each set of 360 view images gets put into its own folder. This will not work if you have multiple sets of 360 view images in a single folder.
  • Once Photoshop is open, go to File > Open.
  • Next, select the folder that has your 360 degree images and click on the first image (just the first imagedo not select them all).
  • Before clicking “Open”, click the checkbox for “Image Sequence”.

step 2 - open and choose your video settings

Step 2: Open & Choose Your Video Settings

  • Click Open. A dialog will open.
  • Select “Custom” for the frame rate and enter a frame rate between 3 and 7. Anything outside of that range is usually too slow or too fast. However, feel free to experiment and set it to a speed that lets people see your product a comfortable rotation speed.

Step 3: Set the Video Length

  • To increase the length of your video, select the layer and click Layer > Duplicate Layer.
  • The more times you duplicate the later, the longer the video will be. Shoppers are more inclined to click a short video, so try to keep yours in the range of 30 to 60 seconds.

step 4 - save video

Step 4: Save Your Video

  • Almost there! Go to File > Export > Render Video…
  • Below are the settings we suggest for MP4 video render:
  • Format: H.264
  • Preset: High Quality
  • Size: HDTV 1080p (1920×1080)
  • Frame Rate: Document Frame Rate
  • Field Order: Preset (Progressive)
  • Aspect: Document 1.0
  • Check the box for Select Color Manage
  • Range: All Frames
  • 3D Quality: Interactive

All done!

If you notice that your video has black bars along the top or sides, then don’t worry – these were going to show up no matter what! However, if you go back and re-crop your images to an aspect ratio of 16:9 (or 1920×1080 pixels) then you can say goodbye to those black bars, and your video will have a perfect white background.

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