Publish 360 views from your 3D modeling software

Publish 360 views from your 3D modeling software

Are you working with Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Unity, or another 3D Rendering program? Imajize makes it possible to publish your 3D models with our ultra customizable 360 degree product viewer. Fully hosted, fully responsive and fully compatible with 100% of web browsers! No Flash or browser plug-in required.

Online 360 viewer for 3D models

Generating a web-ready 360 image from a 3D model is easy.

First open your favorite 3D animation software and do the following:

  1. Set up your 3D scene.

  2. Animate a camera or object rotation which can play back smoothly when looped.

  3. Export 20-100 images in JPG or PNG format.

Now create a 360 view from your 3D images

  1. Log in to Imajize.

  2. Upload your images to our ultra-fast Amazon servers.

  3. Set your 360 viewer preferences.

  4. Copy and paste a couple lines of code onto your website or ecommerce platform.

That’s it!

3D product animation examples

This 3D Apple Watch was rendered in CAD and exported as individual frames for a professional-looking 360 product rotation. Click to zoom in to see sharp details.

Pashion Footwear demonstrates their innovative shoe with a 3D prototype. This 360 spin helped boost their startup funding efforts without needing a physical product.

Why do 3D Designers choose the Imajize 360 viewer?

  • Imajize 360 viewer fits like a glove on all websites and devices.

  • No special browser plugins or Flash required!

  • Our super fast content delivery network delivers a reliable experience 24/7.

  • The best image resolution in the industry. Our zoom feature delivers the most detailed images at the fastest possible speed.

  • Upload and Forget: The imajize system generates hundreds of images automatically and manages all the complicated linking.

  • World-class Customer Support